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"Hear, O Joshua, the high priest, You and  your companions who sit before you,
For they are a wonderous sign; For behold, I am bringing forth My Servant the BRANCH."

Steps in Nature to Christ

Branch Fundraiser

The four steps to Christ in His creation
A man of God goes the extra mile to learn how to connect with God through nature. The beginning is dying to self and then picking up your cross and following God.

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  • Cooking Stir Fry with Ruth Ortiz-The Branch Ministries
  • Episode 15 The Next Step - The Appalachian Trail - The Branch Ministries with Bobby Gray

step team

A place where children are taught dicipline and respect by means of step dance

summer family retreats

Consist of camping, camp fires, singing songs, worship service, roasting marshmallows,
Olympic Games, work shops, etc.

after school help

We offer youth and children mental comfort relaxation and no pressure to learn. This approach leaves room for trust in what they are learning


Every year the branch has a fund raiser in support of our youth and children yearly program.
You can be a part of our yearly fundraiser by making your donation on this site.

About Branch

We offer children and youth fun activities all seasons. The age groups ranges. We service Fredericksburg, and Stafford county. Our hours are flexible depending on our activities.

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Our Mission

The Branch provides a future and a hope teaching love, support, caring, respect, dance and discipline, through means of education, book clubs, sports, games, retreats, and supportive goal-orienated council.

our vision

The Branch Ministries is a certain kind of people with a special love for God and humanity helping to provide a future and a hope.

our culture

We give a big brother big sister interest to the younger children. We show love and concern about the decisions children and youth make. Family and love is our culture.

our history

We started our program in New York City with families and friends. Taking families on retreats camping, home work helps, arts, dance, sports, workshops, holiday celebration etc. Having safe fun.