About Branch Ministries

The Branch Ministries began in the year of 2014 in Fredericksburg, VA. A group was formed in New York from Congregating in Prayer Inc. This group gathered together to help other youth who needed support, love and encouragement. God used Apostle Ruth to come to Virginia to develop a prestigious program for youth who are looking for a helping hand and a career. The Branch Ministries is a non-for profit organization raising funds from private and public donors to help youth and children who need a chance in life. We are a preventive care program ready to help young people.

Meet The Branch Ministries Staff

apostle ruth Ortiz

CEO/ Founder

Maria Magdalena Concepcion


Tara Daley Step

B.M.S.T Head Coach

michael ortiz

Recreational Staff

Jasmin Thomas


Kenya Mitchell

Recreational Staff

Venus clayborne

Worship Team Member

Kim Wilson

Worship Team Member